Youtube The Greatest Covers of Cups from Pitch Perfect  

Jessica Lawshe
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The arrival of Pitch Perfect 2 has us singing at the top of our lungs! So it makes complete sense that, in preparing for what will surely be an amazing sequel, we decided to take a trip down memory lane.

We could never pick our favorite moment from the first movie, but there is one that definitely stands out: when Becca (Anna Kendrick) takes the stage for her audition and basically destroys everyone with a stripped down song. Never in our lives have we seen such coordinated cup moves. Seriously, we don't even see that type of movement in our beer-pong games. 

So it's now wonder that everyone and their mothers (or at least their little sisters) would cover the Cups song. In the words of Fat Amy, these peeps "crushed it." But don't just take our word for it. These videos are objectively aca-awesome! Seriously, watch all of them. We're "Dixie Chicks serious" that it's worth it. Otherwise, we'll dis-invite you and you'll have to turn in your scarf and go. Take your chair. 

So, don't put us down for cardio, we're gonna be too busy watching and voting on these amazing Cups Pitch Perfect Covers! Vote up the cover you think aca-nails it the best!
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Aca-Dangerous: Jim Huish


This cover is seriously "bang" on!
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Aca-Gorgeous: Sam Tsui, Alex G, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider


Such smooth and amazing voices. We could listen to this version all day.
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These girls could all be Bellas. Their harmonies are ridiculous. Plus they all look super cute!
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Aca-Country: Anna Burden

Anna cover's Anna Kendrick's version of this song amazingly. Her bit of southern twang and adorable smile make this cover awesome. 
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