The Greatest Dance Songs by One-Hit Wonders

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Dance songs by one-hit artists only.

A list of the Greatest Dance Songs by One-Hit Wonders. Are you looking for that special dance song to play for a special party? Browse through this list of the greatest dance songs by one-hit wonders and you may just find that one special nostalgic song that you haven’t heard in a long time. Ranked in order of the most popular one-hit dance song wonders to the least popular, you can see which dance songs are favorites by viewers just like you. Feel free to place your votes for your favorite one-hit dance songs as well, and see them get raised to a higher position on the list. You can also copy and paste from the list to make your own list of favorite songs.

Do you not see your favorite one-hit dance song on the list? Go ahead and add it to the list so that others can listen to it as well. Many great music artists only managed to have one true song hit in their music career that made the top 40. Even though their other songs didn’t manage to make the list, there are still many great songs from these same artists that have been enjoyed by all.

With such great dance music like the dance fest of the 80s to enjoy, whether you are a fan of 80s, 90s are even the nostalgic dance music of the 50s, you are sure to find a song that you enjoy from this list of the greatest dance songs by one-hit wonders. You might just find a new favorite CD to play at your next dance party.
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