The Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples

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TV couples made up of an overweight man and a much thinner woman

List of the greatest fat guy, skinny wife couples. These are the couples that perhaps seem unlikely in real life -- a man of full proportions with a thin, beautiful wife. These TV couples, however, seem to work, whether they’re in dramas or comedies, from the past or present.

 The fat guy, skinny wife trope has been used so much that it has almost become a cliché. Ever wondered, then, why a large gentlemen ends up with a delicate wife on TV? Part of the reason surely comes from the fact that many of these fat guy, skinny wife pairings are on sitcoms. An overweight comedian secures a TV series and needs a wife character, so casting chooses an attractive woman, which is nothing unusual for TV. One of the best known examples of this type of fat man, hot wife pairing can be found in “King of Queens.” Would a Leah Remini marry a Kevin James in real life?

 Sometimes, though, the pairing of a fat guy with a thin wife makes sense. This is more often seen in dramas. Take “The Sopranos,” for example. Tony Soprano is a large man, but he has the position and power to warrant a hot wife. A stereotype unfair to women, maybe, but one which is sometimes true in real life. Of course, these pairings can also be seen on sitcoms, as in the case of Jay and Gloria on “Modern Family.”

 This list contains the greatest fat guy, thin wife couples on TV. Whether they’re funny or dramatic, realistic or far-fetched, these are the unlikely TV couples we love to watch. Check out these fat husband, skinny wife couples, and vote up your favorites.
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