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The Most Impressive Feats Of Strength In The MCU, Ranked

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When going through the list of stereotypical superhero traits, the possession of super-strength is often ranked pretty high - and given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe features the most famous superheroes in the world, it’s a good bet several of them are indeed super-strong. Through nearly two dozen movies across three phases, the protagonists of the MCU have put on some rather impressive displays of physicality - whether they're lifting, pulling, or punching objects several times their own weight.

While all of the heroes in the MCU are well-built by ordinary human standards, there’s a distinct difference between the rippling biceps of Hawkeye and the gamma-infused deltoids of the Hulk. In other words, everyone is pretty strong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - but only a select few truly qualify as superhumanly robust. There’s a vibrant debate ongoing as to who is truly the strongest - and where each MCU hero slots in on the strength rankings - but, thankfully, there’s no shortage of extreme moments to base such judgements on. 

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