The Greatest Female Boxers of All Time

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Any professional female boxer from any weight class and any era. No MMA or martial artists

Are Mia St. John or Laila Ali the greatest female boxers of all-time? They may certainly be the best known on this list of the greatest female boxers but maybe other female boxers like Theresa Arnold, Brenda Burnside, Jackie Chavez, Jaime Clampitt, or Holly Holm hold that distinction? Many of these women are also among the greatest current female boxers in the world. Do great female boxers with boxing blood in their family like Jackie Frazier-Lyde or Suzanne Riccio-Major deserve that distinction?

Who is the best female boxer ever? Vote below on who you think the best women boxers of all time are in the list below and if you see any famous woman boxers missing from the list, feel free to add them so that other boxing fans and Rankers can vote on you additions!


Most divisive: Vonda Ward
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