The Greatest Geeky Girls on TV

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List of the greatest female geeky TV characters. The best and nerdiest women on television are ranked on this page based on their level of geekdom. These female TV geeks are good at what they do - and they studied damn hard to make it happen. Who are the best and most famous female nerd characters? You know and love them, so why not vote up your favorite famous female geeks?

As much as Lindsay Weir on Freaks and Geeks tried to escape her geek label, it is impossible to fully un-nerd yourself. Even Screech found himself a match in Jessie Spano in the realm of Saved by the Bell. And one of the best geek girls on television is the character of Topanga Lawrence, of Boy Meets World fame. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have also created television characters with such geeky qualities, it should inspire every young lady in America to follow suit. These women could outsmart their male counterparts any day of the week, even if sometimes they out-awkward them as well.
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