The Greatest Fictional Bosses

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Bosses and office leaders from TV, movies, and books.

A list of the greatest fictional bosses. Do you wish your boss was more like one you saw last night on TV? Looking for an old favorite movie that you wish your boss would see? Browse through this list of the greatest fictional bosses to find a great book, movie, or television show with an awesome fictional boss. Ranked in order of the most popular fictional boss to the least popular, it is easy to see which fictional bosses are considered to be the greatest by viewers like you.

These bosses have been ranked by the community from best to worst, but if you don’t agree with the rankings, vote up your favorite bosses to see them rise higher on the list. If you don’t see your all-time favorite fictional boss on the list, add him or her and see what other viewers think.

Some fictional bosses can be absolute nightmares, causing their employees to yearn for better jobs. However, some fictional bosses make us wish we had them at our own offices. They can be kind, sympathetic, and always give raises! Whether you are looking for a favorite show or just wanting to dream for a little while, vote up the best fictional bosses on the list below.
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