The Greatest Fictional Kings

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Fictional and fictionalized king characters in film, TV, literature, comics, etc.

Are you a fan of movies with kings in them? Browse through this list of the greatest fictional kings to find the ruler you are looking for. Ranked by the community in order from most popular to least popular, there are many fictional kings on this list to choose from. If you spy a favorite fictional king that you think is the greatest but who's on the bottom of the list, vote him up to see him rise to a higher spot on the list.

If you don’t see your favorite fictional king on the list, go ahead and add him below. Some kings are portrayed in fiction as being kind, good and strong and efficient leaders. Others are weak and inefficient leaders of their country, causing disaster and chaos to reign supreme.

If you are a fan of great fictional kings who make strong role models, you are sure to find some on this list that you can relate to. Vote up your favorite kings below and add any fictional kings who aren't on the list.
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  • Aragorn
    971 votes
    The Lord of the Rings
  • Mufasa
    792 votes
    The Lion King
  • Aslan
    690 votes
    Chronicles of Narnia
  • King Arthur
    590 votes
    Camelot, Merlin, Live from Lincoln Center