The Greatest Fictional Presidents

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President characters from movies, TV, books, comics, etc.

A list of the greatest fictional presidents. Browse through this list of the greatest fictional presidents from TV, movies, and more to see those characters who served their country well. These presidents are ranked by the community in order from most popular fictional presidents to the least popular.

If you don’t agree with the rankings below, vote up the presidents that you think were the greatest, and see them rise on the list. If you don’t see the great fictional president you love on the list, go ahead and add him or her below. Some presidents are strong leaders and really help their people and country, while other presidents are so horrible that they don’t need to be doing any sort of leading. 

The great presidential leaders are the ones that you will find on this list. Cast your votes below - there's no electoral college to get in the way in this election!

Most divisive: Laura Roslin
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