The Greatest Fictional Princesses

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Whether found in books, on the stage, or on the big screen, all of the princesses on this list share one characteristic: they’re all instantly recognizable as the most amazing princesses fiction has to offer. From cartoon favorites such as She-Ra to film legends such as Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride, you’ll find them all here on this list of the greatest fictional princesses of all time.

Perhaps one of the most awesome princesses from the fictional realm is Leia Organa, the beautiful and noble princess introduced in Star Wars in the 1970s. The popularity of Star Wars never seems to fade and neither does fans’ love of Princess Leia. She’s inspired everything from Halloween costumes to wedding dresses. Her beauty, grace, and popularity have definitely made her one of the most amazing fictional princesses.

Of course, no list of fictional princesses would be complete without some of the most famous princesses - the Disney princesses. Although the Disney princesses are usually considered to be for children, adults love them, too. Who can deny the beauty and grace of Princess Ariel? She may be an animated character, but as a princess she’s lovely and majestic, something even adults can appreciate.

This list contains all of the best fictional princesses, be they from books, movies, television shows, or theatrical productions. Some go on to become queens, while others retain the title of princess, but they’re all memorable and have earned their places on this list of the greatest fictional princesses. Cast your votes below and see where the fictional princesses you think are the best rank.


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