The Greatest Fictional Queens

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These famous fictional queens come from literature, film, television, and theater, but they all have one thing in common: They’re the female rulers fans can’t get enough of. Some of the queens on this list are known for their evil deeds, while others are benevolent and kind rulers, but they’re all memorable; for that, they’ve each earned a spot here, on the list of the greatest fictional queens.

Evil fictional queens might be best represented by one of the most villainous queens from literature and, later, film - remember the Evil Queen from Snow White? Her worst qualities made her a terrible ruler, but they’re the qualities that most evil queens seem to have: vanity, jealousy, and a supreme lack of conscience. The greatest evil queens aren’t bothered by committing awful, terrible acts, whether it's lying, stealing, or murdering those who stand in their way.

The greatest good queens, however, embody the opposite of these characteristics. They’re kind, friendly, and put the needs of others before their own. Padmé Amidala, for example, fights bravely for her people, making her not only a great queen but also, thanks to her crazy costumes, one of the most memorable queens in all of the fictional world.

On this list you’ll find queens young and old, cruel and caring, who reigned for short time periods and long. Many have been realized in multiple mediums, moving from book to television, screen to stage. They’re all queens that fans love, but which fictional queens do you think are the greatest? Cast your royal votes below.

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