The Greatest Fictional Singers

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Singer characters from TV and movies. No characters from musicals who aren't actually performers.

List of the top fictional singers in television and film. In the last few years, Gleeks and music lovers alike have gone mad for the fictional singing and dancing crew 'New Directions', made up of some of the most promising and entertaining vocalists on the small and silver screens. Up and coming pop stars like Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel aren't the first fictional musical talents, however, as fictitious rock stars and bands have been singing and dancing across our screens for decades.

Who are the greatest fictional rock stars of all time? Music, television and film enthusiasts could argue who is the all-time best fictional singer forever. Of course, there is such a diversity of fictional singers that it can be hard to pick out just one. Sassy singing characters like Lorelei Lee in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' are hard to compare with the iconic Johnny Cash in 'Walk the Line', or the captivating voice of Maria in 'The Sound of Music'.

Many of these eccentric fictional rock stars are so talented and have such exciting characters that we sometimes forget that they are indeed fictional. Singers like Rayna James of 'Nashville' and David St. Hubbins of 'This Is Spinal Tap' look and sound completely believable, with their influence resounding throughout modern pop culture.
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