The Greatest Fictional Waitresses

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Any character who works as a waitress in television or film

Fictional waitresses in movies and TV, both in starring roles and smaller supporting roles, can play different roles depending on the purpose of their character. The role of the waitress in various films and shows can be for comedic purposes or change of scenery to a restaurant.

A waitress can provide moral support and advice for the other characters, such as Kiffany in Dead Like Me, or can show the state of the woman in her career path, like Penny from Big Bang Theory, who is trying to become an actresses. The list includes the actress that portrayed the role and the show or movie that they are from. This list should answer the question of "who are some of the greatest fictional waitresses in television and the movies?" If your favorite waitresses is not seen on this list, then add your suggestion to it.

This list of waitress characters is votable and open to additional suggestions from readers.
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