The Greatest Fighter Aces for All Time

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  • Erich Hartmann

    Downing not less than 352 Soviet aircrafts, he was the most successful fighter ace for all time. In his entire career he was never shot down himself. Was captured by the Soviets and send to Sibiria after the war. After his release, he served in the Bundesluftwaffe.

     Planes flown in combat: Bf-109E
  • The "Red Baron" was the most famous aerial ace for all time. With his red Fokker triplane, he shot down 80 Allied aircraft. Was killed in action towards the end of the war.

     Planes flown in combat: Fokker Dr. I triplane
  • Günther Rall
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    Third most successful German fighter ace in WW2. 275 aerial victories, most of them a the Eastern Front. Served in the Bundesluftwaffe after the war.

     Planes flown in combat: Bf-109
  • "Star of Africa", also joined the Battle of Britain. With 158 aerial victories against Western pilots he is remembered as one of the greatest and most courageous fighter pilots ever.

     Died by an accident in 1942.Planes flown in combat: Bf-109E, Bf-109F
  • Second best German ace with 301 aerial victories, most of them at the Eastern Front. Was shot down 9 times himself.

     Planes flown in combat: Bf-109E, Bf-109G, Fw-190D-9
  • Adolf Galland
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    Adolf Galland

    Great German fighter ace, 104 aerial victories at the Western front. General der Jagdflieger since 1941. Flew the Me-262 at the end of the war.

    Planes flown in combat: Hs-123, Bf-109E, Fw-190, Me-262