The Greatest Flautists of All Time

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The absolute best flautists in history. Vote up the musicians who are the best on the flute.

The flute is a very popular member of the woodwind family. Unlike other woodwind instruments that have a reed on the mouthpiece, like the clarinet, the flute is played by placing the mouth over the opening towards the top, and unless the flautist plays with exact precision the sound just won’t come out right. It's a very delicate instrument that must be played with great accuracy. Who are the greatest flautists of all time who have done this?

The flute has a very soft sound to it and mastering the craft is not just for anyone! But the musicians on this list have earned their place by being the best of the best. This list contains famous flautists, both living and dead, and has been ranked by music lovers to determine the all time best flautists.

This list features the all time greatest flautists including, Andrew Latimer, Buddy Collette, and Czesław Niemen. Vote up the best flute players below and see where the musicians you think are great rank.
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