The Greatest Foes of Namor the Sub Mariner

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Namor the Sub Mariner was one of Marvel Comics very first characters. In fact he's been around since before Marvel was even Marvel back in the Timely Comics days of 1939. And seeing as he's been around for almost 80 years now, he has quite the array of enemies in his roster. So who are Namor the Sub Mariner's best villains, foes, enemies, and rogues?

While unsurprisingly most of them are water or ocean based there are a few surprises. Being one of Marvel's main anti-heroes you'll recognize a few familiar heroic faces on this list. Whether their beef with Namor is over a land/territory dispute (Black Panther) or more likely over a woman (Reed Richards, Wolverine, Cyclops) Namor is hardly a well liked guy. 

Take a look through Namor's many nemeses and vote up the best villains Namor the Sub Mariner has faced below!