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This is a list of the greatest freestyle skiers of all time. These amazing freestylers include some the pioneers and icons of the sport as well as some of the youngest, most exciting freestyle skiers in the world today. Who is the greatest freestyle skier of all time? These guys (and gals) are.

Freestyle Skiing is an sup-sport of skiing that requires intense skill, acrobatics and creativity. It was first demonstrated at the 1988 Olympics. Skiers compete in moguls, slopestyle, aerials, or ballet. These skiers are from all over the world - Austria, America, Canada, and China. Many of these greatest freestyle skiers of all time are very young competitors who have worked at skiing for much of their lives.

These best freestyle skiers have the ability to execute flawless moves in the air, or on the snow under the greatest amounts of pressure and duress. They take full advantage of the grand stage they’re on whether it's a national competition, the X Games, or the world stage of the Olympics, and have gone on to win gold, silver, and bronze medals.

To become one of the best freestyle skiers of all time takes great commitment, a strong work ethic, athletic skill, and composure. The skiers on this list have proved they've got what it takes.
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Jon Olsson

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Olsson has dominated the X Games and is a master at the double flip.
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Tom Wallisch

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Wallisch won gold in the 2012 X Games slopestyle event.
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Simon Dumont

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Dumont has won 8 X Games medals.
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T.J. Schiller

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Schiller has completed a 1620 rotation in competition.