The Greatest Geeks In TV History

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Famous geeky, nerdy, and dweebish characters from television

List of the greatest geeks in TV history. The best nerd characters ever to hit the tiny screens are ranked here in order of greatness. Played by our favorite cute and nerdy actors with glasses, TV's most popular geeks include characters from sitcoms, cartoon shows, and more.

Sure, some of the characters might have annoyed us, but we never changed that dial once they appeared onscreen. These dorky looking men women, girls, and boys are absolutely hilarious and absolutely awesome -- oh, and absolutely nerdy. It usually happens on TV when the door knocks and the dad is really disappointed to see who is on the other side. Like the way Carl Winslow looks when it's revealed to be Steve Urkel on Family Matters.

TV nerds of all genders are ranked, ranging from sexy geeks like Liz Lemon to neurotic nerds like Adrian Monk. Who studies dinosaurs better than Ross Geller? Who knows more Pawnee history than Leslie Knope? These geeks made us smarter and sillier, like Lisa Simpson and Willow Rosenberg. While Willow was always the best friend and Dwight Schrute is just one of the employees, people like Larry David and iCarly (yes, both geeks) got shows to their geeky selves.

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