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The Greatest GTA V Gaming Moments of All Time  

Kevin McKee
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Grand Theft Auto V is chock full of awesome moments, but here are the best, most unique mayhem, stunts, and crazy shenanigans we've found.
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The Best Skydiving Stunt Ever
Typical Gamer threads the needle - superman style!
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The Most Epic Bounty Kill Ever
TheWeirdSpartan has an arm like an MLB pitcher...but uses it for EVIL.
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Greatest Motorcycle Landing
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Firefighter Fighters
Exo Politixs finds out the hard way that Los Santos Firefighters moonlight as UFC fighters.
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Saved By A Citizen
Hayabuuza has a lot to thank this citizen for, especially since he was in the process of stealing his car.
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Surviving a Skydive From Space
JustAnotherCinema falls a looooooong way and lives to tell the tale.
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Train vs. 15 Rhino Tanks
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Paul Nyhart added Highest Jump Ever
Floor a Bugatti at top speed...and this is what happens. Has there ever been a higher jump?
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Paul Nyhart added Best Unintended Landing With a $250,000 Automobile?
I think that's a thing...couldn't have done this a million times if you tried. 
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The Most Epic Explosion Ever
Beh2inga arranges a few airliners and a few gas tanks for an explosion that ripples all the way back to Vice City.
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Plane to Boat Jump
TheIvaneh finds the absolute most difficult way to get a boat to water.
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Best Death Ever
Sp00nerism finds that while you may be the greatest fighter in all of Los Santos, you're never a match for a telephone pole.
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Skydiving Into Pools
King Gryph swan dives into chlorinated water and GTA V glory.
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The Greatest Jump Ever
Sir NOSAJ shows us how to leap tall buildings with a single...car.
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The Greatest Flying Headbutt Ever
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Paul Nyhart added Biker Takes Seagull To The Face
Death by Seagull...only in GTA 5.