The Greatest Horn Players of All Time

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The greatest horn players of all time. Vote up the best musicians who play the horn.
The horn is a member of the brass family and is an extremely popular instrument, whether the genre is blues, jazz, classical. or new world The horn is played through a mouthpiece, and if the musician doesn’t play it with extreme accuracy the sound that is produced can sound muffled or come out just plain... not good. Who are the greatest horn players of all time?
Known for having a rather loud sound the horn can carry any song quite well! Since it’s an instrument that requires years of practice, the talented musicians on this list have earned their spot through years of practice. This list features many different styles of music as well as musicians from many different backgrounds at various time periods in history, both living and dead.
This list features the all time greatest horn players, ranked by music lovers as the best including musicians such as, Anthony Halstead, David Ohanian, and Eugene Rittich. Vote up the best horn players below and see where the musicians you think are great rank.
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