The Best Houston Astros Of All Time

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This is a list of the best Houston Astros ever, whether top Astros pitchers or top hitters. Originally called the Colt .45s, the Houston Astros had been a mainstay in the National League for 50 years. But 2013 saw the franchise move from the NL Central to the AL West, and thus beginning a new chapter in Astros history. From the early 1990s until 2008, the Astros were perennial playoff contenders, reaching the World Series in 2005. Those teams featured many of the greatest players in the team's history. 

To many baseball fans, the Killer Bs, Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio are the best known players from the Astros best years. These players are considered three of the best in Astros history. Bagwell won the 1991 Rookie of the Year and 1994 National League MVP award. He retired after the 2005 National League Championship season and remains one of the most revered Astros. Biggio, whose entire 20 year career was spent in Houston, eclipsed 3,000 hits during playing days. Accomplishing this feat, along with his rep as the best position player in team history landed him in the Astros Hall of Fame and will soon see him land in the Baseball Hall of Fame in the near future. As for pitchers, Nolan Ryan, Roy Oswalt and Roger Clemens are the best to put on an Astros uniform. While Ryan and Clemens didn't spend their prime in Houston, they still turned in fine seasons. Oswalt is widely considered one of the best Astros ever and helped propel them to the World Series.

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