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The Greatest Instagram Celebrity Look-Alikes Ever

Celebrity Instagram accounts can be some of the most entertaining in all of social media. Who is Taylor Swift partying with today? What sort of shenanigans is The Biebs up to? But these Instagram accounts belong to regular people, who just happen to look just like a famous person. These celebrity Instagram look-alikes can sometimes be hard to tell apart from the celebrity they look like and are often impressive in their crazy resemblances.

From Zooey Deschanel to Nicki Minaj, many of the people on this list have the best celebrity Instagrams, but their impersonators have become celebrity Instagram users in their own right. They've become known for their posts that, at first glance, you might think is the real thing. Many other famous musicians and pop stars have Instagram look-alikes, including multiple members of One Direction.

Which are the best celebrity Instagram lookalikes? These individuals who pose as their favorite celebs, taking advantage of their similar looks have carved out their own niche in social media. They post selfies, recreate their celebrity's Instagram posts, and snap other pictures as well. Check out the celebrity Instagram list below to see which of your favorite actors and musicians have an Instagram look-alike of their own.