The Greatest Jazz Pianists of All Time

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Imagine dancing to the sound of smooth, vibrant jazz music with a pianist pounding on the keys with all his might accompanied by a cello, trumpet, and trombone. The sound is unique and your feet start to move. When jazz music grew to popularity, there hadn't been anything like it before – it became the iconic sound of an era and is still popular today. The piano is an important part of jazz music, and some of the greatest jazz musicians played it. Who are the greatest jazz pianists of all time?
The musicians on this list are considered the all time greatest jazz pianists, and their legacies continue to influence the shape of jazz music to this day!
This list features the greatest jazz pianists of all time, ranked as the absolute best by music lovers. Vote up the best jazz piano players below and see where the pianists you think are the greatest rank!
Most divisive: Phineas Newborn, Jr.
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