The Greatest Jovial Fat Guys in TV History

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Overweight male characters who are good natured, at least most of the time

List of the greatest jovial fat guys in TV history. How many times do you find yourself asking, "Remember that fat guy on that sitcom?" Well thanks to the listing on this page, you will never forget again. We have immortalized the jolliest and chubbiest dudes ever to grace the small screen. From funny fat cartoon characters, to famous fat characters that weren't animated, this list has them all.

From cartoon fat guys (like Homer Simpson and Fred Flinstone) to real life fat guys (Drew Carey, George Lopez, and Jim Belushi in their self-titled shows), we have all of the stars covered. In the world of television tropes, few are as overused and yet as appreciated as "the fat best friend." We need Jerry on Parks and Recreation just as we need Danny DeVito on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia just as we need Jeff Garlin as Larry David's manager BFF on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Why? Because we need a comic relief from all the... comic relief.
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