The Best Kansas City Royals of All Time

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This is a list of the greatest Kansas City Royals ever. The 1970s and 1980s were some of the best years in the history of the Kansas City Royals. Established in 1969, the Royals quickly became a powerhouse, making the playoffs in seven of ten seasons between 1976 and 1985. The Royals played in two World Series and won their only championship in a 7-game triumphant over interstate rivals the St. Louis Cardinals. Those teams featured some of the greatest Royals of all time . 

George Brett is the only player to represent the Kansas City Royals in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Spending 21 years manning third base, Brett is in an elite group of players to accumulate 3,000 hits, 300 home runs, and a career .300 batting average. The other players in this group are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Stan Musial, all of whom are considered the greatest players in baseball history. To date, Brett is the only player in MLB history to win a batting title in three different decades.

Traditionally, the Royals have had outstanding pitching. Bret Saberhagen, David Cone, Mark Gubicza, and Dan Quisenberry are among the best pitchers who have played for the Royals. Saberhagen won the American League Cy Young in 1985 and 1989.

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