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The Greatest Keytarists of All Time

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Who are the world’s greatest keytarists? Playing an instrument that isn’t as common as one like the piano, guitar, drums, or violin can be a daunting task. The notable individuals featured on this page are the absolute best keytarists in the world. They come from many different genres of music, including rock, blues, jazz, swing, J-pop, and new age.

Who are the greatest keytarists of all time? The keytar is a unique and not often used instrument. A keytar is much like a standard keyboard, but is worn around the neck with a strap, similar to a guitar. Since the keytar can be worn, it offers the player mobility on stage.

This list features the all time greatest keytarists, ranked by the community. It includes famous musicians such as Todd Rundgren, Weird Al, Donald Fagen, Imogen Heap, Jean Michel Jarre, and Rick Wakeman. Vote up the best keytarists of all time below.
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