The Greatest Kid Characters In Film

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Children characters (under 18) in movies; only human, no animals

List of the greatest kid characters in film. These onscreen children were the best movie personalities in the history of cinema. Here we have ranked those film characters that we would rather hide from our own children (for the most part) but watch onscreen any day of the week. Of course, if Harry Potter came over for a playdate, a child might want to hang out.

Movie children are the ones that say what we are really thinking, or sometimes things that no adult would ever be weird enough to think let alone say out loud. Someone like Huck Finn comes to mind, as he ranks up here against (or perhaps with) Simba from "The Lion King." both of the "Spy Kids" themselves had to be included, of course, as did tough girls like Hit-Girl and Veruca Salt. Speaking of Miss Salt, Roald Dahl brought us more of the great kid characters in movies thanks to Matilda Wormood and Charlie Buckett.

Most divisive: Lucy Diamond Dawson
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