WATCH The Most Notorious Last Words From Some Of History's Most Notable People  

Rebecca High

Last words can say a lot about the life a person lived. Sometimes they leave poignant advice. Sometimes they leave mysteries and questions. And sometimes, last words can be funny. This video gives you a taste of some of the most notorious ones, but there are so many more stories behind famous last words. 

Humphrey Bogart, for example, died in 1957 at the age of 58, leaving the world with this tearfully chuckle-inducing wish: "I should never have switched from scotch to martinis."

And while most of us have no control over what our last words will be, at the risk of sounding morbid, the idea of what you want your final statement to be is an interesting one.

Watch this video for some of the most infamous last words from historical figures. Do they match each person's life and legacy? Or are they oddly out of place? Find out below.