The Best Los Angeles Clippers of All Time

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A list of the best Los Angeles Clippers of all time. For many basketball fans, hearing the Clippers name elicits groans. This is a franchise that has managed to bungle nearly every positive situation that ever goes its way. The team was originally the Buffalo Braves, which formed in 1970, before moving to San Diego in 1978 and becoming the Clippers. Despite the team's cringeworthy history, the Clippers have had more than a few star players on its roster. The team's early years in Buffalo featured multiple Hall of Famers, including Bob McAdoo (who some consider to be the best player in the team's history) and Adrian Dantley. McAdoo along with Randy Smith are members of the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Upon moving to San Diego, the Clippers acquired Bill Walton. At the time, Walton was still considered one of the best big men of all time in spite of his foot problems. Besides Walton, those San Diego teams were less than memorable.

In recent years, the Los Angeles Clippers finally seem to have put together a roster of star players. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are two of the best current NBA players and some of its most popular. Both look set to be Clippers for years to come, showing the team's commitment to its greatest players. 

This is a list of the best Los Angeles Clippers of all time. If you see someone who is missing, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list of the greatest Los Angeles Clippers players in team history how you think it should look. 
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