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The Greatest Masked Villains

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Masks have been popular in all forms of entertainment since... there's been entertainment. They were one of the first, if not the very first, tools used by humans for storytelling and spectacle. All across the world, nearly every culture uses some kind of masks to dramatize a situation, be it around a campfire, on a stage, or used in protest. In film, to add that extra element of mystery and evil, some of the baddest, meanest villains of all time have worn masks.

Villains wearing masks became commonplace (especially in horror movies), as it could make a character appear more intimidating, more powerful, or, at the very least, keeping them mysterious and anonymous. But who are the greatest masked villains ever?

Not all villains need a mask, but it certainly helps them keep up their air of mystery and evil. Cast your votes below for the greatest villains to have ever donned a mask.

  • Appears in: Star Wars franchise

    The big bad villain of the Star Wars films had a mask that kept him intimidating enough to rule an empire, and anonymous for the big father reveal. Plus, Vader's mask looks like a jet black skull, which is awesomely terrifying.
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  • Appears in: The Dark Knight Rises

    "Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask." He says it best himself. Without that bit of mystery (and, in this case, a lifesaving gas delivery system) he's just another mercenary. But with the mask, he's Bane.
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  • Appears in: Friday the 13th Franchise

    Hiding his deformed face behind a hockey mask was what started this iconic character's reign of terror. He was tortured as a kid (and presumably was a kid who liked hockey) and then swore to kill all those who came back to Camp Crystal Lake. He's essentially immortal, impossibly strong, and definitely scary. 
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  • Appears in: the Predator films and Alien vs. Predator

    In the first movie, one predator almost single handedly took out a whole platoon of the best soldiers. Of course, he was wearing a mask, so viewers didn't even know what these buggers looked like underneath until well into the movie.

    Spoiler alert: they just got uglier.
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