The Greatest Minnesota Wild Players of All Time

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List of the greatest Minnesota Wild players of all time. These hockey players all have two things in common: they played for the Minnesota Wild and they are all amazing athletes. Teammates from multiple generations of the Minnesota Wild are listed here and ranked by their excellence on the ice. Vote up the Wild guys you think are the best in the team's history.

Based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, the team was founded in the summer of 1997. However, it joined the NHL in 2000 with Jacques Lemaire as its first coach. Since then, they have signed top prospects and acquired great hockey players from trades. In 2013, in fact, when the Wild played the Chicago Blackhawks, the sports community saw the hockey game as a revival of the hockey rivalry between Chicago and Minnesota in the NHL.

The Wild haven't yet won a Stanley Cup, but Minnesotans love their hockey and some truly great athletes have skated for the Wild. Vote up the best below!
Most divisive: Dany Heatley
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