The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time

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The best musicians of all time across any genre

We're ranking the greatest musical artists of all time, with the order decided by fans internationally. From some of the greatest female vocalists of the past 10 years, to incredible current bands, as well as many of the best rock bands and artists of all time, this list includes all of your favorite famous, popular, talented stars across every genre. And of course, many of them are featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So many questions will be answered with the voting results below. Nirvana or Pearl Jam? 2Pac or Biggie? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston? Is Michael Jackson still the King, or is Elvis the true immortal? Is Madonna still the undisputed Queen of Pop? Does anyone rock harder than Jimi Hendrix? Are Jay-Z and Beyonce the most powerful couple in music history? The comparisons and opinions are endless, but ultimately, it's up to you to decide! Make your voice heard by voting for all of the 100+ top bands, duos, singing groups, composers, singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists below.

Most divisive: Bob Dylan
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