The Greatest New York Islanders of All Time

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Vote up the best hockey players based on their careers with the New York Islanders.
List of the greatest New York Islanders of all time. The best players to ever be on the New York Islanders NHL team are ranked here. Vote up the best players on the list below, the hockey stars who you think deserve to be known as the best of the best in Islanders history. From older players like Bryan Trottier to modern goalies like Evgeni Nabokov, these New York Islanders are truly the best to ever be on the ice.
The New York Islanders have won four Stanley Cups, and those championship games are ones that hockey fans will never forget, just as some of the more historical names on this list are forever cemented in sports history. People like Anders Kallur and Duane Sutter, for example, are New York Islanders who are so admired that their cards are now collectibles items.