The Greatest Nurses in TV History

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The best fictional nurses in television. List includes television actors who have played nurse roles on TV. Nurses include actors and actresses from television shows including General Hospital, Doctor Who and Scrubs. Who are some of the most famous nurses in TV history?

This is a list of television nurses from modern and classic TV shows. Top TV nurses are found on this list. With nurses ranging from heroes to hunks, these nurses are some of the funniest and memorable TV characters in history. The greatest TV nurses are even more important than the doctors they help. Some television portrayals of nurses have even proved to be groundbreaking for the profession, including the portrayal of male nurses and the realities of the medical industry and working in a hospital. Who's your favorite fictional nurse character?

Some are fictitious evil nurses like Brenda Previn (played by Stephanie Venditto) while others are good nurses like Nurse Jackie, and some are just hot TV nurses like Peter Petrelli in Heroes. This list answers the question, "Who are the top TV nurses?" Use this list to find the most popular nurses on television.
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