The Greatest Oboists of All Time

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The best oboist of all time. Vote up the greatest musicians who play the oboe.

The oboe, a reed instrument in the woodwind family, produces a very unique and mysterious sound. It can be quite bold when played but is also often played in a very subtle manner. It is a staple in any orchestra, but requires years of practice in order for a musician to truly be able to play it well. If not played just right, the instrument, like many woodwinds, will squeak unpleasantly. Who are the greatest oboists of all time?

The musicians on this list are the absolute best oboist in history. There are oboists from different time periods, cultural backgrounds, and genres of music. Whether you’re into jazz, blues, or classical music, there is likely to be an oboe involved. Many oboists even make their own reeds, another skill that takes years to master.

This list features the all time greatest oboists, ranked as the best by music lovers and including musicians like Andy Mackay, Dewey Redman, and Julie Fowlis. Vote up the best oboist below and see where the musicians you think are great rank!
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