The Most Epic Party Scenes In Film History

A party scene in a movie can make or break the whole film. It sets up a tone (or a tone change), it reveals a lot about the characters (how they behave in a party environment), and it's usually is a strong selling point in the trailer. Party scenes are important and boy, are they fun. What are the greatest party scenes in film history?

What is it exactly that separates a good party scene from a bad one? Loud music, hot women, some slapstick humor? That's all it takes, right? Nope. The perfect movie party scene needs all these things, but in just the right combinations. The party scenes from film on this list get the balance just right and make for some epic parties you wish you could attend.

Be it for the fun of the scene, the comedy, how iconic and memorable it has become, or how important these scenes were to the story, these are the greatest party scenes in film history, with videos. Cast your votes below and enjoy reliving these awesome parties from film.
Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License