The Best Philadelphia Phillies Of All Time

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This is a list of the greatest Philadelphia Phillies players in team history, whether top Phillies pitchers or top hitters. The Philadelphia Phillies are the oldest continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in all of professional American sports. Founded in 1883, the Phillies have been in the National League for its entire existence. Despite the franchise's recent success, for years, the Phillies were known as one of the futile not only in baseball, but all of professional sports. The team has the most losses in sports history. But even so, there have been a number of superstar and Hall of Fame players to don the Phillies uniform.

In many quarters, Mike Schmidt isn't only considered one of the greatest Phillies to ever play third base, but also one of the best of all time. In his 17 1/2 year career, Schmidt was one of the most feared hitters in baseball. Schmidt is a three-time National League MVP (1980, 1981, 1986) and a 12-time All Star. His number 20 was retired by the Phillies and he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, receiving 96.52 percent of the vote, one of the highest percentages of all time.

Recent Phillies teams have been some of the best in the big leagues. Winning five straight National League East Division titles and back to back World Series berths in 2008 (which they won) and 2009, made this one of the most successful eras in team history. Superstar players like Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Cole Hamels spearheaded the team's championship ambitions.

This is a list of the greatest Philadelphia Phillies of all time. If you see someone who should be on this list, feel free to add him. Vote and rerank this list as you deem fit.

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