The Greatest Rap Songs by One-Hit Wonders

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Rap songs by one-hit artists only.

A list of the Greatest Rap Songs by One-Hit Wonders. Are you looking for your favorite rap songs, but don’t know remember who the artist is? Browse through this list of the greatest rap songs by one-hit wonders to see if your favorite song made the list. Then you can see who the rap artist is and search for the album to listen to sometime. Ordered from the most popular one-hit rap song wonders to the least popular, you can find some great music by picking from the top of the list. Go ahead and vote for your favorite rap songs and artists as well, and they will get raised higher on the list.

This list of the best rap songs from one-hit wonders includes Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back," House of Pain's "Jump Around," and many more hip hop classic hits. 

Feel free to copy and paste from the list to make your own list of favorite rap music. That way, you will never forget the artists to your favorite rap songs again! If you don’t see your favorite song or artist listed, go ahead and add it to the list. Then others can vote for it and you can see where it ranks on the list of great rap songs by one-hit wonders.

The style of rap music has taken hold of the country. Even music fans that aren’t rap enthusiasts can often find some rap songs that they truly enjoy. From the fond memories of Inner Circle’s “Bad Boys,” the theme song from the Cops show, to the diversity of M&M, there are many types of rap music to choose from. Look through the list to find your own personal favorite style and song from the one-hit rap song wonders.

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