The Greatest Russian Female Figure Skaters

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The best ever female figure skaters from Russia, living or dead

List of the greatest Russian female figure skaters of all time. When it comes to amazing female figure skaters, few countries have anything on Russian women. Graceful and strong, these Russian female figure skating legends have given their all to the sport, winning medals and hearts along the way. Who is the best Russian woman on ice? 

It's easy to underestimate how popular figure skating has been in Russia since the first skating rink opened in St. Petersburg around 1865? The first World Figure Skating Championships, in fact, were held in the city in 1896. Although only male skaters were allowed to participate, female figures skaters, especially Russian ones, were soon competing and winning medals for their countries in all types of figure skating events, including the Olympics. And as far as Olympic medals go, Russia has one of the highest medal counts in the sport for the category.

Of course, Russian female figure skaters aren’t known and celebrated only in Russia. Most fans of figure skating across the world are familiar with the names of some of the greatest ladies in Russian figure skating history. From Irina Slutskaya, who has medaled at the Olympics, World Figure Skating Championships, and Russian Figure Skating Championships, to Viktoria Volchkova, who medaled at the Russian Figure Skating Championships seven times, these amazing Russian women have had a worldwide impact on the sport and made Russia proud.

This list contains all of the greats in Russian ladies’ single skating history, whether they are an all-time ice dance legend or a young girl in the sport. Although many have left the sport, their greatest performances will be watched and studied by aspiring skaters and sports fans for years to come. These women have left a lasting legacy, giving them the honor of being known as the greatest female figure skaters from Russia.