The Greatest Russian Ice Dancers

Ice dancing is a craft that takes skill, precision, and energy. The greatest Russian ice dancers - from the iconic to the upcoming stars - are a seriously impressive bunch. Ice dancing is an aspect of figure skating that uses elements of ballroom dancing. It became a winter Olympic sport in 1976. Dancers compete as couples to execute complicated dance moves. These dancers from all over Russia. Many dancers work at ice dancing for much of their lives, and it really shows.

These best Russian ice dancers have the ability to execute flawless moves on the ice even under the greatest amounts of pressure and duress. They take full advantage of the grand stage they're on - whether it be national competitions or the world stage of the Olympics - and have gone on to win gold, silver, and or bronze medals. To become one of the best ice dancers in the world takes great commitment, a strong work ethic, athletic skill, and composure. 

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