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List of the greatest snowboarders of all time. These snowboarders, who’ve retired, are the ones who’ve left a legacy in the sport that will definitely be hard to top. They’ve wowed fans with their athleticism, amazing tricks, and competitive skills, and they’ve each earned a place on this, the list of the greatest snowboarders of all time.

Many of the greats in the snowboarding world are Olympic medalists in the sport. Although the sport was developed in the 1960s, it wasn’t introduced into the Winter Olympic Games until 1998. At these games, held in Nagano, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Norway all earned two medals in the event. A few of the great snowboarders who medaled that year are Karine Ruby, Ross Rebagliati, and Nicola Thost.

Other amazing snowboarders may not have medaled at the Olympics, but they certainly won their share of snowboarding competitions. From the FIS Snowboard World Championships to the X Games, the greatest snowboarders have dominated the sport. Who can forget, for example, Gretchen Bleiler’s multiple gold medal performances at the Winter X Games?

On this list readers can find the most significant snowboarders the sport has seen. From the mavericks who brought the sport to life to those who’ve recently retired, they’re all here. No matter which competitions they dominated, these awesome snowboarders made lasting contributions to the sport — and pleased audiences, always. 

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Travis Rice holds multiple X Games medals in multiple events, including a gold in slopestyle and a gold in big air.

Birthplace: Jackson Hole, Grant Village, Wyoming, United States of America

Nationality: United States of America

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Terje Håkonsen

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Terje Håkonsen is one of the founders of The Arctic Challenge snowboarding contest.

Birthplace: Vinje, Norway

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Isabelle Blanc was on top in 2002 when she won the gold in the parallel giant slalom event at the Winter Olympic Games.

Birthplace: Nîmes, France

Nationality: France

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Marion Kreiner won gold at the 2009 FIS Snowboarding World Championships in the parallel giant slalom event; she went on to take the bronze in the same event at the Winter Olympic Games the next year.

Birthplace: Graz, Austria

Nationality: Austria

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