The Greatest Superheroes Who Are Also Magicians

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Not every superhero gets to be Tony Stark, some of them need a side gig to pay the bills, and that is where these superhero magicians shine. Comic book magicians are some of the coolest characters in fiction because move in and out of the most intriguing stories across multiple titles. And any time that something really weird happens you know you’re going to get to spend some time with a magical superhero. Is Captain America going to another dimension? You better call Doctor Strange. Aside from their captivating supernatural origins, many of these characters possess powers that defy reality itself, much cooler than some scientifically rational radioactive exposure. 

It’s important to note that not all of the superheroes who do magic have the same powers. For instance, while Captain Britain might be able to sense when someone is using a cloaking spell, a hero like Doctor Fate can cast a spell to mix things up, or straight up cast lightning at you. Deciding on your favorite magical superhero depends on what your favorite flavor of magic is: do you prefer someone who can go ham and jump into another dimension? Or do you prefer you magic to be little more grounded in reality? Each of these mages rocks a different shade of magic, and you get to choose who casts the most impressive curses

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