The Greatest Talking Animals in TV History

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Only fictional animals that can be understood by humans

List of the greatest talking animals in television history, as ranked by television critics, historians, and fans. Throughout the years, television has seen its fair share of speaking animal characters, each with their own personalities as unique as they would be if they were human characters. These characters come in all sorts of species, from a household dog to moose that stands on two legs. Although a vast majority of these characters are animated, there are a few which are live action. The live action talking animals, such as Mister Ed or the storytelling dog Wishbone, are impressive because the show runners needed to use a mix of real, cooperative animals, voice actors, and special effects.

While many of the TV talking animal characters on this list speak and act as if they were human beings, a few talk with speech impediments and act very much like animals, such as Scooby Doo. Characters like Brian Griffin from Family Guy act completely like humans in animal suits, while characters like Winnie the Pooh act completely within their animal’s nature.

Who are television’s best talking animals? This list features a wide array of animals who talk from generations of television, made by live action and cartoon creators alike.

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