The Greatest Trombonists of All Time

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Who are the best trombone players in of all time? This list of the greatest trombonists in history features musicians from many genres, including jazz and classical. The trombone is in the brass family and requires years of practice to master, as there are no keys or exact positions for each note. The trombonists on this list have worked for years to become the best, no matter what genre they specialize in.

The trombone’s telescoping slide changes the pitch and length of the note. The trombone is used in classical music, orchestral music, and frequently in jazz and soul music as well. These best trombone players have the ability to execute flawless music whether its a rehearsed piece or an improvisational jazz solo.

The best trombonists of all time include talented musicians as Glenn Miller, Joseph Alessi, Arthur Pryor, and J. J. Johnson. To become one of the best trombonists of all time takes great commitment, a strong work ethic, and composure.

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