The Greatest Trumpeters of All Time

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Only trumpet players.

The trumpet is an important instrument across many genres, because it accompanies just about any instrument well. Many of the musicians on this list are absolute trumpet legends who forever shaped jazz, blues, swing, Dixieland, and other genres. This list also includes current trumpeters who are big names in the industry, as well as multi-instrumentalists in the brass wind family who are also skilled in the cornet and trombone sections. Who are the greatest trumpeters of all time?
This list features the all-time greatest trumpeters, including Wynton Marsalis, Louis Armstrong, Paolo Fresu, Maurice André, and of course, Miles Davis. Vote up the best trumpet players worldwide below based on their overall influence and music (albums and songs), rather than simply the most popular or famous trumpet-playing artists whom you might've heard of, but never really listened to. 

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