The Greatest Tuba Players of All Time

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Who are the best tuba players in history? The tuba is the largest, lowest pitched brass instrument and takes years of practice to master. The musicians on this list have become the greatest tuba players in history, each from a variety of genres, in which the tuba is used, such as classical music, military bands, and jazz. 

These best tuba players are from different eras as well, but each one of them is incredibly adept at their instrument. These best tuba players have the ability to execute flawless music whether its a rehearsed piece or improv in jazz music. These musicians often helped define their respective musical times and have created iconic music that we still listen to today.

The best tubists ever are from all over the world and include hugely talented musicians such as Carol Jantsch, Tom Abbs, Alan Baer, John Bodwin, and Roger Bobo. To become one of the best tuba players ever takes great commitment, a strong work ethic, and dedication.

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