The Greatest TV Aliens Living Among Earthlings

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Live or animated TV characters from other planets

List of the best aliens that have ever graced the television screen. Sometimes it starts with something as simple as a shooting star or as catastrophic as a meteor show in a small town. The only clue can be a small light falling from the mysterious stars, leaving a foreign being closely the human race. It can be just a baby in a basket, much like Clark Kent, or a wacky space alien recklessly driving an egg-shaped spaceship in the case of Mork. This list begs the questions, “Which is your favorite alien character on television?”

The aliens on the list vary greatly. They range from famous heroes who travel in a blue police box, looking for adventure, to annoying roommates who only want to mooch off your food. Many of these television aliens just want to live their lives as if they were human, while others don’t have the luxury of hiding in the plain sight.

So, do you like the extra-terrestrials with romantic hearts, just looking to settle down with a human? Or do you prefer the space travelers who are exploring the strange ways of the human race? Whether you prefer the good-hearted hero or the vicious space invader, sitcom characters or science fiction staples, television’s history - and its current slate of shows - is filled with interesting aliens who have found a home among the people of our planet. 


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