The Greatest TV Doctors Of All Time

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Only fictional medical physicians or surgeons from television

List of the best television doctors, ranked by fans of the doctor characters and their medical shows. Plenty of memorable TV doctors have graced our small screens over the last 50 years, but some television doctors stand out from the rest. From medical dramas and comedies to soap operas and sci-fi thrillers, every great TV show needs a compassionate, competent and - of course - good looking doctor to save the day. Who are the most famous TV doctors of all time? 

Ever since General Hospital opened its doors more than 50 years ago, there has been a flood of TV shows featuring every type of TV doctor you could imagine. In the beginning, TV doctors were dependable, noble and considerate medical healers in TV shows like Medic and Dr. Kildare. As television evolved, so too did the doctors. On modern TV, doctors now feature complex personalities and dramatic background stories, such as the drug-addicted, enigmatic and astoundingly intelligent antihero Dr. Gregory House and the entire medical squad on ER.

So who are the greatest TV doctors of all time? Whether you prefer dreamy medical heroes like Derek Shephard, Michaela Quinn and James Kildare; the funny antics of Hawkeye Pierce, Perry Cox and Sheldon Cooper; or the drama that comes with Grey's Anatomy female doctors Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, you can rest assured that there is an excellent fictional physician on call.

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