The Greatest TV Neighbors

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Characters outside the primary cast who live next door or in the same building

This list features the best television neighbors of all time, answering the question "Who is the most memorable TV neighbor?" Featuring our favorite next-door friends like Kramer (Seinfeld) ,Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother), Ross Gellar (Friends) and Wilson Wilson (Home Improvement). Vote up your most-loved sitcom neighbor to determine the best TV neighbors of all time!

 We've all watched a sitcom neighbor on the TV set and secretly wished we could live next door to them: they've been our best friends, mentors and, at times annoying jerks that we still can't seem to get enough of. Who didn't cringe every time Steve Urkel entered the set and opened his mouth, whining, "Did I do that?" Who didn't want to live in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and listen to his stories? And who didn't fall in love with Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years when she and Kevin Arnold shared their first kiss?

We've even had prolonged secret love affairs with our favorites because, let's face it: it's much easier to be involved in a relationship when someone lives a door away instead of in our own living rooms! And besides, most of our most-adored TV characters were perfect, never even having a bad hair day. So whether it was the girl-next-door that captured your heart or the handsome hunk that made you daydream, here's the list of America's greatest television neighbors. You decide if you'd want to live near them, or as far away as possible!

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