The Greatest TV Shows for Women

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Behold, a complete list of the greatest TV shows for women, ranked by ladies who love to watch television! For stay-at-home mothers or young girls in groups, television shows can be an epic activity and chance to bond with their friends and family. These are the TV series deemed the best for that woman-bonding time.

The demographics of these shows all absolutely include a male audience of all ages, but they will statistically skew towards the fairer gender. Most of the shows feature strong female protagonists or ensembles consisting of memorable female characters. In fact, a lot of television series literally have the word "girls" in it. One example? Girls. In addition to the HBO hit, there are girls who are golden, girls who gossip, girls who are broke, a girl who is new, and girls who are... powerpuffs.

But, the best TV for female audiences aren't just girly shows, any show with a strong female character, relatable women, or great female friendships can be a great TV show for ladies. And where would television be without women like Mary Tyler Moore, Laverne, Shirley, Mindy, Lizzy McGuire, or Gidget?

So get the sisterhood together to watch these TV shows in your living rooms. Save the chick flicks for some other time. It's time to snuggle up for some good girly tube time. What are television's best TV shows for women? Vote up the best TV shows for women and see where the women's shows you love to watch rank.

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